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A Way Out


There was  something strangely thrilling about making it home Sunday night through 10° temperature, blowing snow (wind gusts of over 66 mph) and snow drifts that can stop a truck dead in its tracks.  It’s the thrill of quite simply “braving the storm”.  And sometimes when things seem really bleak and you are feeling quite numb from tragedies both near and far, a bit of courage is a rather awesome thing to feel.

Last night I decided to go into town to find somebody to watch the totally frivolous red carpet goings on for the Golden Globes.  Watching frivolity is a way I can stop my mind from  dwelling on bad things happening to good people  and bad people getting away with crimes.

I decided to wear my sister’s mink because it was bitter cold and I wanted to be a little “glam” for the Globes even if nobody else around here was in this business but me and could care less. The coat doesn’t have very good closures.  Just some hooks.  Not good in the wind.  But I only had to walk a few feet from the car to the bar,  so I should be fine, I thought.  Silly me.  I forgot about Montana winters since it’s been unusually warm. Continue reading

“We Are Not Amused”

Montana has Winter and Summer.  No Spring and no Fall seasons to speak of. Oh, a day here and a day there, but nothing consistent.  So far we have had two more snow storms in April and as we approach May we will be lucky to see 55 degrees.  Even for Montana, this is downright weird.

Trying to Download Spring - April 8

We were supposed to brand our calves today, but the wind is howling and there is still snow in the corrals.  Snow!  Yes, Tuesday we were hit with another 6 inches of the stuff.  Two weeks ago, my neighbor 3 miles away was without power for three days.  We lucked out with power out for only a day.  Yesterday, he had his power go out again all day.  We lucked out and had power.  But to be on the safe side I ordered an APC Smart-UPS 1000XL, refurbished for $219.99 with a backup battery pack.  The whole unit can keep my computer going for over 7 hours, I was told.  Goody, I can peck away beside the fire during the next blizzard.

"We are not amused"

Janet’s Hair, Nails, and News

Janet's Spa and Salon

“Why was a man stuck on a barbed wire fence with his pants down in our recent blizzard?” people were asking last night at the local watering hole. “Did his wife not have a wire cutters?” “Why did the school teacher go to town  and back (10 miles)  on foot in the middle of a blizzard?  Well, it turns out none of those things were true even though it was reported in the big city paper “”The Billings Gazette”.  http://billingsgazette.com/news/state-and-regional/montana/article_b4508e50-8143-51fd-ac88-dbaf15ea5b87.html

The hub of a small town for the men is usually a coffee shop. Ours is “The Frosty Freeze”.  The hub for women is the salon.  So thank goodness, I had a nail appointment at “Janet’s Hair and Nails”.  I would get the real story from the gals there. Continue reading

Stir Crazy w Update on the Ground Blizzard

Before the Wind

Will I succumb to cabin fever and go stir crazy inflicting my husband with all manner of diatribes about unfeeling fascists and greedy grifters?  It’s been snowing on and off since last Thursday.  Most of the time I could make it into town except last Saturday when it was too icy to travel the 3 miles in to town (Yes, I’m lucky. Some of my friends must drive up to 20 miles to town).  That day they closed the interstate from here to Columbus, MT which is about 37 miles. Friday night the snow and ice got serious, but the town was packed.  Our monthly art show at our artists cooperative gallery was on as well as a benefit Italian dinner at The Homestead B & B.  The town was also still crawling with hunters. Friend Phyllis said that it was treacherously slick coming from up the Boulder (the river valley where they shot “The River Runs Through It” and “The Horse Whisperer”), but if she said, “If I let a little bad weather stop me, I’d never leave the house and have no social life at all.”  She had very fashionable high heeled boots on for the art show, but confessed she had her heavy duty boots in the car for the drive home.  My friends Dave and Omi drove from Livingston (35 miles away) for the prime rib at The Grand, but he’s a Teamster.  They laugh at ice and snow. Besides, there was no wind. Continue reading