Monthly Archives: June 2011

Magical Places and Radical Dreams

Paul Street recently noted in a piece called “Hope Killer for Re-Hire”

that Barack Obama in his 2004 Keynote Speech at the 2004 Democratic Convention called the United States “a magical place”.  Hmmm?  I thought.  Like “Oz”, the Easter Bunny’s garden of eggs, Santa Claus’ workshop, and George Clooney’s bedroom, America as magical is a big fat myth.  (Well, I’ll give you that George’s place could be dreamy).  Continue reading

Like at “Cheers”, Everybody in a Small Town Knows Your Name

And what prescriptions you just picked up at the pharmacy. Before you can get home to tell your husband that you are pregnant, the gals at the pharmacy have spread the word. If you get stopped by the cops, by the time you drive the three miles from the Frosty Freeze to Janet’s Hair and Nails, everybody at Janet’s asks you if you got a ticket.

In the city, you don’t know everybody who is sick or who has died.  In a small town, every illness and death is part of your life.  Maybe that’s why it can be glum going.  And it has been pretty glum here lately what with a slew of bad things shaking us all up as well as very bad weather to dampen our spirits.  The up side is that pretty much everybody pulls together and pitches in to get people through rough times.  No different I would imagine though from villages all over the world.