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Living Large in Small Places

Sometimes Evie Taloney veers away from movie and TV reviews and saunters off into butting in on advice columnists.  Now everybody knows in real life you don’t want somebody offering you unsolicited advice.  “Can I give you some advice?”  “NO!” (you scream in your head as you politely listen to some critique of your persona).  So don’t read any further because Evie’s got some “Opinions Worth Ropin'”.

“Evie Taloney’s Opinions Worth Ropin'”

There are some ideas that have prodded me through my life sometimes with a gentle nudge and sometimes, yes, like a cattle prod, jolting me into my next life phase. My journeys have taken me through the thickets of living large in small places.  “Small places” can occupy spots in large cities or in the wide open vast spaces of Big Sky Country in Montana.  You can inhabit a beautiful bubble in Manhattan where you live and love amongst your own kind.  Or  here where the plains meet the mountains you run into a fair amount of”can’t see the forest for the trees” “nose to the grindstone” kind of folks who predominate in the human species. They are sometimes referred to as “small minded” but they keep the gears moving in our social systems.  They are guardians of “if it’s not broke, don’t fix it”.   So they aren’t prone to color outside the lines much.  And they have a tendency to look askance at any kind of uppity outside the box behavior from women like me. Continue reading