Diane Kamp is a cattle rancher and former actress and movie agent who represented among others Emma Thompson, Alan Arkin, Christian Bale, Stanley Tucci, Tony Shalhoub, Charles Dance, Clark Gregg, and Lewis Black. She also represented Tim Monich, considered the preeminent dialect coach working in film and television.

Born in Iowa, raised in Illinois, schooled in Michigan, Diane spent 15 years in New York City, 2 years in Los Angeles and now 25 years in Montana.  She is married to a Montana cattle rancher who she met while covering the movies “The River Runs Thru It” and “Far and Away”.  Moving to Montana, she started a company that represents dialect coaches for the movies and television.    She hosted a weekly political talk radio show at KMMS in Bozeman from 2004 until 2009.  Her only previous political experience was doing a season of political comedy in New York City in 1984.  Her characters included Nancy Reagan, Barbara Bush, and a woman with a baboon heart transplant.  She’s fed up with electoral politics and now tries to instead figure out what the heck to do with her free time.

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  1. I don’t have a way of contacting you, MM, so I’m leaving a message here for you. Check out Rebecca Solnit’s essay at CommonDreams on Occupy. It’s good. Click on the “nonviolence” link – it encapsulates my dissatisfaction with some people at a place we used to hang out in.


  2. Dear MM,
    I’ve been reading your comments on NC for years and I just thought to come and visit.
    It’s a nice blog and I wish you and yourn well.As for uniting the various stratas of society and your life,I felt that,in my case it wouldn’t have been successful so I didn’t try.I still think that peoples inflexibility would make it very difficult.Still, enjoy all the facets.
    I live in Australia so I won’t be dropping in soon.

    • Why thank you so much lizzy. I’ve been a lot of places but for some reason not Australia, but plan on it. A neighbor has a daughter, son-in-law, and two grandchildren who moved there and train horses. I had a client that worked there on “The Great Gatsby”. So I will get there.
      You are right about the difficulties. There are more differences and difficulties than Kum-by-ya, but there are moments of recognition that are priceless. When I say things like, “I think Montana should secede and join up with British Columbia”, the open mouths make me smile. It has also helped that I am no longer the chair of the Democrats. I’m an independent and I feel really free. I approach conversations now more like a journalist and not some idealogue. Ask more questions. It’s amazing how people want to be heard rather than lectured. Go figure!
      I’m working on a piece about secession. Seems that the anarchist writer Bakunin wrote about the United States of Europe back in 1867. Fascinating! Turns out he thinks that secession is a basic human right. The right to join or to remove yourself from an organization is fundamental. Heady stuff.

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