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The Revolution in Rojava | Dissent Magazine

The Kurds of northern Syria are building an enclave of radical democracy and feminism in the middle of a devastating war—and beating ISIS in the process.

Source: The Revolution in Rojava | Dissent Magazine

I admire David Graeber’s writing and activism.  He visited Kobani and declared that this was a “genuine revolution.”

But in a way that’s exactly the problem. The major powers have committed themselves to an ideology that say[s] real revolutions can no longer happen. Meanwhile, many on the left, even the radical left, seem to have tacitly adopted a politics which assumes the same, even though they still make superficially revolutionary noises. They take a kind of puritanical “anti-imperialist” framework that assumes the significant players are governments and capitalists and that’s the only game worth talking about.

Revolutions are possible.  But not without going outside your comfort zone.  Look outside of political parties.  Challenge the “left/right” terminology.  Challenge your tribe. Start from the place of a beginner and start with “Everything I thought was true might well be wrong.”

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