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Magical Places and Radical Dreams

Paul Street recently noted in a piece called “Hope Killer for Re-Hire” http://www.zcommunications.org/hope-killer-for-re-hire-brand-obama-and-the-management-of-popular-expectations-by-paul-street

that Barack Obama in his 2004 Keynote Speech at the 2004 Democratic Convention called the United States “a magical place”.  Hmmm?  I thought.  Like “Oz”, the Easter Bunny’s garden of eggs, Santa Claus’ workshop, and George Clooney’s bedroom, America as magical is a big fat myth.  (Well, I’ll give you that George’s place could be dreamy).  Continue reading

Stir Crazy w Update on the Ground Blizzard

Before the Wind

Will I succumb to cabin fever and go stir crazy inflicting my husband with all manner of diatribes about unfeeling fascists and greedy grifters?  It’s been snowing on and off since last Thursday.  Most of the time I could make it into town except last Saturday when it was too icy to travel the 3 miles in to town (Yes, I’m lucky. Some of my friends must drive up to 20 miles to town).  That day they closed the interstate from here to Columbus, MT which is about 37 miles. Friday night the snow and ice got serious, but the town was packed.  Our monthly art show at our artists cooperative gallery was on as well as a benefit Italian dinner at The Homestead B & B.  The town was also still crawling with hunters. Friend Phyllis said that it was treacherously slick coming from up the Boulder (the river valley where they shot “The River Runs Through It” and “The Horse Whisperer”), but if she said, “If I let a little bad weather stop me, I’d never leave the house and have no social life at all.”  She had very fashionable high heeled boots on for the art show, but confessed she had her heavy duty boots in the car for the drive home.  My friends Dave and Omi drove from Livingston (35 miles away) for the prime rib at The Grand, but he’s a Teamster.  They laugh at ice and snow. Besides, there was no wind. Continue reading