“We Are Not Amused”

Montana has Winter and Summer.  No Spring and no Fall seasons to speak of. Oh, a day here and a day there, but nothing consistent.  So far we have had two more snow storms in April and as we approach May we will be lucky to see 55 degrees.  Even for Montana, this is downright weird.

Trying to Download Spring - April 8

We were supposed to brand our calves today, but the wind is howling and there is still snow in the corrals.  Snow!  Yes, Tuesday we were hit with another 6 inches of the stuff.  Two weeks ago, my neighbor 3 miles away was without power for three days.  We lucked out with power out for only a day.  Yesterday, he had his power go out again all day.  We lucked out and had power.  But to be on the safe side I ordered an APC Smart-UPS 1000XL, refurbished for $219.99 with a backup battery pack.  The whole unit can keep my computer going for over 7 hours, I was told.  Goody, I can peck away beside the fire during the next blizzard.

"We are not amused"

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