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Remote, But Not Alone

Going to the Movies“House of Cards” with Kevin Spacey which started yesterday on Netflix is, from what I’ve seen so far,  on the money, so to speak, regarding our corrupt crony capitalist system .  It was a hit in the UK and everybody loves a good political thriller, so Netflix decided to gamble and produce it themselves.  They got David  Fincher and the guy that wrote “Ides of March”, Beau Willimon, to write the scripts.  You can watch all 13 episodes at once too. But   Variety calls that “binge viewing”  and will lead the company to ruin while Netflix calls it viewer autonomy and believes it can bring in new viewers because of it and make a nifty profit.   Hollywood and Silicon Valley rarely see eye to eye, so no surprise at Variety’s harumphing.  Whatever!  I heartily recommend it.  Delicious in its evilness.

As to whether people will cotton to watching one episode or all thirteen, it’s probably just a matter of psychological type or simply how much time you’ve got.  When I read, I finish a chapter and often pause because the author does.   But just as often I can’t help myself and I have to start reading into the next chapter until I realize that I have to get some shut eye.  That is a singular pleasure.   On the other hand with a TV series whose episodes only air one at a time, there is the joy of seeing the current episode of a series and then discussing it at the water cooler or water hole the next day and speculating about where the story is going with others.    Watching all 13 episodes in one sitting or even half one night and half the other is a more solitary experience and more like reading a book. Watching an episode per week as with normal TV series is a bit more communal.  Not quite  like going to the theater and sitting at a cafe afterwards and arguing about it, but a not bad second best.

I remember way back when my friends and I were young actors.  We went through every detail of Sunday night’s Brideshead Revisited” on Mondays .  Now “Downton Abbey” has become the latest “Brideshead” as the characters become part of many of our lives,  resist as we might. (What a twit that Lord Grantham is!)  So is the new “Netflix” idea going to lead to more community or more aloneness, I wonder? Continue reading

My Husband is Mad About Jill Stein…and Gary Johnson

He met me last night at our local watering hole and said, “I can’t stop thinking about what you said about that doctor and the other guy not being in the debates.  Who decides these things?” Continue reading

Gun Toting Campaign Advice

Traps and Chaps

Would it be a good idea for a candidate for state office to hire an ex Army sharp shooter as a campaign adviser?

What is one of the first rules of public or political speaking? Know your audience. So when you are at a candidates’ forum in the most consistently Republican county in the state of Montana, is it a surprise that in response to the “wolf question”, the Republican got the biggest round of applause plus whoops and cheers for saying, “Only one thing to do; shoot ’em!!”
Now the Democratic candidate for the state senate also agreed that a rancher should have the right to kill a wolf eating his calves or sheep. And then she added something sensible about controlled hunts and how some folks even loved the idea of them.

Later at the local watering hole, I asked an ex Army guy for advice to give  the woman candidate so she can get the big applause.
“Sorry, but in this county she needed to use the word “shoot”,  not the more mewey  sounding “kill”. And if she really wanted to stun them, since she followed him, she should have gone up there all steely like and quietly said,  “Yeh, shoot him and gut shoot him three more times.”

“Hmmm,” I thought, “She might have those tea partying tough old coots and young bucks shocked out of their Justin Ropers. But in all honesty, she might have lost some of the women, conservative as they may be. Ladies might not like the Calamity Jane impression. Maybe just a simple “Shoot the suckers” might work, though.”

“Well, thanks, I’ll pass that along”, I said.    But I think maybe it’s best that I stay out of the political consultant business.

Every ranch has this picture of the wolf looking at the ranch on their walls