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Boxes (with links fixed)

“Little boxes on the hillside.  Little boxes made of ticky tack.”  “Boxed in.”  “Think outside the box”.

When young we go from our box in our house to another box.  It is usually an even more boring box with boring rows of brown boxy things called desks.  Every 40 minutes we were marched down the halls to our next box.  We got a couple breaks during the day called recess where, if we were lucky, we could make up our own games as opposed to being forced to play group games with more rules that boxed us in.  At lunch we ate in a large box with rows of tables.  It looked very much like what we saw on TV when we watched shows like “Dragnet” or “Perry Mason”.  We saw prison inmates shuffling past vats of slop and sitting at long tables.  Like the prisons, there were places and people you could sit with and those who would shove you away or flip your tray over.  Did you notice that both kids and prisoners liked to stick their foot out and trip you? Continue reading