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Bar Codes Pt 2

Okay, so more thoughts on whether there is an unspoken etiquette associated with sitting at bars especially if you are female.  In the previous post I speculated that if a woman sits at a bar, she is not supposed to read an I Pad even if she is reading a newspaper on the I Pad.  She can get away with perhaps perusing a paper, but not on an electronic device.  She is to be available…for….conversation.

In the previous post, I had been confronted with a guy that I did not want to talk to, so I just reached for my I Pad and began to read.  Instead of addressing me directly, he loudly exclaimed to the bartender that the laws of the universe, at least the rather small universe of this bar, were being broken by rude self absorbed women with electronic devices. (I was not the only woman that night with an I Pad).

But this week I was confronted again.  This time it was an acquaintance and a pretty nice guy.

“Don’t check your e-mail!  Put that thing away!” he yelled.

I tried to explain that I wanted to relax after work and it would help if I knew no one was trying to get a hold of me.  But, okay, he was right.  That is what “after work” should mean.

Funny thing is that as soon as his male friends came in, he turned immediately away from me and pronounced, “I was wondering when any of the regulars were showing up.”  Thus ended my usefulness.  So I could open up my I Pad and read a blog with no more scolding from my friend.

Sigh.  But then I turned to the woman sitting next to me and we started talking about the difference between grifters and hucksters.  So a rather lame start to the evening turned into a rather pleasant ending.

My small town can be a very small place, but only if you let it get to you.