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Warm Weather Stinks!

Literally, warm weather in the middle of winter on a cattle ranch stinks to high heaven.  This time of year the cows are not roaming the range, but are close to home home on the range to make it easier for Mike to feed them round bales of hay.  So they concentrate near the ranch house when they know it’s time to feed and to drink from the water tanks since the irrigation ditches are dry for the winter.  So there tends to be a lot of concentrated shit.  Also the bulls are wintered in their own pen with their own piles of poop.  Below freezing weather keeps the poop from being too pungent.  Just a whiff of crap.

But Monday an unusually warm Chinook came and the temperatures rose from near zero up to 30º, then 40º and by Thursday it was almost 50º.  Needless to say, the slight aroma of cow pies became almost overpowering and it wasn’t helped by our border collie gleefully running through the corrals and happily bursting through the dog door and into the house.  Not much of her white spots on her fur were white.  She was bull shit green.

Nothing like it to start the day with your cup of green tea with a slight hint of orange blossom.