The Archdruid on the End of American Empire

Has everybody here read John Michael Greer’s  The Archdruid’s fictional five part series on the end of the American empire?  Part Four and Five are fictionalized accounts of how secession might work.  Highly entertaining and more realistic than all the apocalyptic movies and TV shows like “Revolution” and more hopeful than “Hunger Games.”

I’m thinking of assigning it to a group of neighbors both conservative and liberal.  Then we will meet and pretend that we are part of the new state of Montana.    This morning when I mentioned the series, my nail lady at “Janet’s Hair and Nails” said she had been thinking about secession and how it would work.  “Who would work at the airports since they are Federal?”  I told her that according to JMG’s story ,the state would take over all things federal so we could hire our own workers, or better yet, get rid of them.  “How about the interstate?” she queried.  “Yup, that too.  We own it from one end of the state to the other.  And Yellowstone and Glacier and all the wilderness areas.  Oh, and the nukes, I guess.  Bit dicey that last one. ”
Hey so more people might be pondering these thoughts than we think.

Note: Check out the comments too.  A Canadian tells us that the Chinese have already taken over Western Canada. They are bringing in 2oo long-wall miners from China because Canadians don’t know this technique.  Chinese don’t use aircraft carriers.     Another commenter mentions Colin Woodward’s book as a reason why people might be susceptible to breaking up.

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  1. The Chinese have just finished their first aircraft carrier and it is undergoing sea trials.!!

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