Smoke and Mirrors

Hot Potatoes

Our little town’s potato factory burned down, so I went to see “Social Network”.  I didn’t even know our town of 1500 people had a potato factory.  And don’t potatoes grow in the ground?

Our electricity went out around 9am, so my husband figured it must be because there was smoke billowing up over the hill.  He wished me luck as he threw his saddle into our neighbor RM’s truck as he had to go up country to Musselshell to help RM move his cows.  I wouldn’t be able to talk to him until he got back as the reception up there is nil.

Well, it’s the day that our recycling area is open at the dump, I mean transfer station, so I decided to bring in my bottles, papers, and plastic and see where the fire was.

As I approached the dump/recycling place, the fire was across a large field from it. This fire was huge and the smoke was an ugly black and gray; a  bulbous mass of something I didn’t want to know about.

“If the wind shifts and comes this way, I’m closing down,” said the dump guy.

My Towns Recycling Place and the Mountains

I decided to high tail out of there and go home.  I stopped in at the vet clinic which borders our ranch to see if they had any news of how long the electricity would be out.  I pulled in and they had their door open and I surmised it was for light.  Yes, indeedy, their power was out too.  The electric company said that “it would be awhile” because of the fire.

“What’s a while, do you think?” I queried.

“Oh, I bet it’s a while,” the vet said, drawing out the word “while”.

So the idea of sitting in a 60 degree house with no power was stupid.  And it was going to rain.  So I checked Fandango and found out that I could make a 1:40pm showing of “Social Network” in Bozeman.

Off I went on a drizzly (strange for Montana this time ,of year by the way) and drove to the nearest multiplex an hour away.  The place was packed and worried I wouldn’t get a seat.  Turned out that the Jackass movie had the long lines and although fairly full, I got a good seat for “Social Network”.

But there was no sound coming out of the previews up on the screen… Uh oh.

To Be Continued…

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