Welcome to the new Montana Maven website.

Seems that my website “disappeared.” Not sure if I’ll try to find it or use its demise as a way to start anew, be born again, rise from the ashes, reboot and retoot.

For six years I tried like heck to “be part of the solution” by becoming active in the Democratic Party. I worked on two presidential campaigns, one US.Senate campaign, and one local state representative campaign. I became a County Chair, I was a delegate to the 2004 convention, I attended rallies, and state conventions and state dinners. I had dinner with the governor.
I had the only left talk radio show in Montana. Every Saturday I drove an hour up and an hour back to do three hours of doing battle with a bunch of libertarians. The upside was that I got to interview great minds like Francis Moore Lappe, Dean Baker, Matt Taibbi, Charlie Derber, Stephen Kinzer, Glen Ford, Rick Perlstein, Melvin Goodman,
and many many more.
A year ago they gave us the boot, the heave-ho, the axe, the what-for, the pink slip. Replaced us with some Tea Party “reformers”.
So I’m done with the Democrats. I’m off the radio. I still work hard for a living while my husband works at wrastling cows and baling hay. But I occasionally have a thing or two to say. So that’s what this blog is for.


A good March day


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  1. This is my first attempt at designing and running my own blog. I paid somebody before. So bear with me. Didn’t even know that years ago I had set up an account and never used it. So much for there being no such thing as ADHD.

    It’s raining today. It has been raining a lot here and that is very very weird.

    I’m re reading the great Montana book by Joseph Kinsey Howard “Montana High, Wide and Handsome” written in 1943, but as relevant as ever. Last night I read the chapter about the people (the honyrakers) who get suckered into farming in this high desert country by railroad guys like Jim Hill. This is hard country.

  2. So, this is where you ended up. I didn’t know until I saw an article of yours on CorrenteWIre today.

    Did you mean to write that the Democrats replaced you with Tea Partiers? Things must be even worse than I thought.

    • Hi, My Friend! The radio stations new owners began to get rid of a lot of the locally hosted radio shows which were all right wing except for ours. They left only local programming on the weekend. One year ago, they gave our slot to some right wingers. Our last interview was with Matt Taibbi, so we went out with a bang. We had local Democratic support at first, but I think we were at tad too independent and critical of Dems to be enthusiastically supported by the party. I was not a fan of Obama which, as you may suspect, lost me some friends.

  3. Dear Diane, I loved Montana, High, Wide and Handsome. Same battles were going on back then as now. Just finished The Big Burn by Timothy Egan. Excellent. Hang in there. Tom

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