Monthly Archives: June 2020

Take This With a Grain of Salt

It was now turning twilight and Daphne was bursting with cabin fever. So, she donned her fur hat, jumped in the car, and drove through the softly falling snow.  It was dark by the time she arrived at the Best of Both Worlds Bar and Grill.  The neon light sputtered on and off as she climbed out of the car and into a foot of snow.  She tramped up to the door and enteredThis bar was where literary devices and characters hung out like the space creatures in Star Wars.  She loved this place.

A strange old coot who was all ears was sitting in his usual spot by the wood burning stove, rocking back and forth. In a booth in the back a prairie dog was scribbling away like usual.  He was busy working on his masterpiece *“Notes from Underground”.  There was a two-headed creature sipping a drink at the end of the bar.  Or was that a tow-headed woman?  Daphne’s glassed had fogged over.  Yes, of course, it was her friend Lara who seemed to have leapt straight out of the pages of Dr. Zhivago.  She was dressed all in white fur and looked like a vanilla éclair.  Daphne stomped her snow coated boots together to get the large clumps off as she walked into the room.   She slid on to the bar stool next to Lara. 

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